Well Drilling

Sharpe's Septic Tank & Well Drilling Service can take care of all of your water well drilling needs. Our services include:

  • Drilling Residential / Irrigation 4” Sand Wells
  • Drilling Residential / Irrigation 6” Rock Wells
  • Residential Well Inspections
  • Well Service 

Before we begin, it will be important to know where the well will be situated near the home or other building, so costs for running waterline and electrical can be minimized. We will evaluate your site as early as we are able, to recommend the best locations and routing areas. Many people do not realize that their septic system has a direct effect on the location of their well and vice versa.  Important decisions are made early in the planning stages! We are happy to help with those decisions. 

SC Department of Environmental Control requires that a WELL PERMIT be submitted. The cost is $70 for a Residential Well or $50 for a Irrigation Well. Call our office and we will be happy to help through the permitting process. 

We will send a large drilling rig that will require quite a bit of overhead space for the boom, and enough time to set up the rig for proper drilling as positioning and stability are crucial. Once the well is "drilled", we will the send a second crew out to "set up" the well. The second crew will set the submersible pump, bladder tank, etc. & run waterline and electrical if desired. 

After drilling a new well, you will experience some sediment / cloudiness in the water. BEFORE using water inside your home you will need to run the well off for as little as a day or as long as a week. To run the well off you will need connect a water hose to the hose bib located at the well and stretch it out AWAY from the septic system and turn it 1/2 way on. Allow it to run until the water clears.

No matter what your well water needs may be, Sharpe’s Septic Tank & Well Drilling Service provides reliable drilling services for both residential and commercial customers throughout Midlands and surrounding areas.  Contact us today for more information and a consultation!

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