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Q: What is a septic system?
A: A septic system uses the soil to treat wastewater flows, usually found in rural or larger lots when there is no water treatment plant available. It consists of a septic tank, distribution box and drainfield, connected by pipes. Household wastewater is held in the septic tank where heavy solids and scum can separate from the wastewater. Solids must be removed from time to time from the tank by a professional septic tank pumper.

Q: How do I find my septic system?
A: Your property should have a septic system record drawing, also called an “as-built.” It contains a diagram showing where your components are located. Check with your local health department or district, some of them can be found online.

Q: How can I tell if my septic system has problems?
A: Most times, the drainfield will not function properly. If a septic tank overflows, it goes into the drainfield and clogs the pipes, which will cause slow or backed up drains and toilets in your house. You might also notice sewage odors, wetness near the drainfield, or well water that’s contaminated.

Q: Should I use additives for my septic system?
A: No. Stimulators or enhancers are not recommended to help your system function, or “restore bacterial balance.” According to the U.S. Department of Health, none of these products eliminate the need for regular maintenance and pumping. Trust the experts at Sharpe’s to help your system run right!

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